Melt Master Premium Sodium Chloride
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The Reliable Standard
for Melting Snow and Ice

The people of Maine know winter and who better to produce rock salt and ice melt products than Mainers?

Bagged rock salt has long been the product of choice to control ice and snow when winter strikes. Tried and true, rock salt is the economical way to clear driveways, walkways, and steps, as well as providing needed traction on slippery surfaces.

Melt Master bags are packed with premium sodium chloride crystals, dried and carefully screened to prevent caking and remain free flowing. Melt Master salt is easily spread by hand, or with broadcast, drop, or rotary spreaders. Our sizing mixture contains small crystals to begin working on contact, along with larger crystals for longevity and traction, without the powdered and oversized crystals than can clog spreaders.

Melt Master salt will melt snow and ice down to 5°F, and like all rock salt, is most effective at 15°F and up.

Melt Master Premium Sodium Chloride is available in 50 pound and 25 pound bags from better retailers and distributors throughout New England. If they don't carry Melt Master where you buy your ice melt products, ask them why not?

Product Safety

Click here to view the material safety data sheet for this product in PDF format.